Let’s face it, you might be frustrated. Life didn’t turn out the way you thought it would. As a child you were full of brilliant ideas and carried a shining hope for your future. This continued into college where you were told if your grades were good, if you worked hard enough, and were well-connected, jobs would start to pour in. But now you wake up some days uninspired, maybe feeling unfulfilled. You feel that you, and who you were as a child, have been completely forgotten about in your seemingly pointless drive to become a “successful adult”.

I know that feeling. At an early age, I was told by my well-meaning teacher that “art was not my strength”. Being a disciplined student, I listened. I put down my crayons and paintbrushes and did not pick them up again for another twenty years. In the meantime, I studied hard and learned to play by the rules. I concluded, like most, that strong grades, a solid college education, and a good conservative corporate job with predictable growth would be sufficient.

I spent a full decade in that traditional corporate job that never came close to fulfilling my passions. But through a series of life changing events including losing my job, losing all my money, and losing my carefully manufactured ego, I realized I was now left with my final option: to dig down deep and rediscover that exciting, innovative person I always knew lived inside me.

And what I uncovered was incredible. I realized I was a giant elephant with boundless creativity, but had grown up imprisoned by this tiny little chain I could have easily broken at any point in time. And when questioned, I was told this tethered chain was simply a rope of predictability and safety, set in place by those concerned about my analytical and logical upbringing. I felt so powerless and weak, diligently following my corporate ringmaster’s stringent rules in order to survive that circus of life.

Despite years of holding back this creative elephant, that chain was not difficult to break. I was set free to revitalize those core passions born deep inside of me. That was the moment I discovered the combination between business and art served as fertile ground previously thought to be barren. And to those willing to follow me into this no man’s land awaits an incredible life.

Pulling from my history as both a business strategist and an artist, I have grown to become one of the most sought-after corporate speakers available today. My on-stage painting seamlessly becomes a visual metaphor to the core of my message, encouraging organizations toward profitability through innovations and superior levels of performance. An entirely new world awaits those willing to pick up their crayons and once again invite creativity back into their life. I don’t say this because it sounds nice or would make a lovely encouragement card. I say this because I did it. And rediscovering who I am, who I was created to be, has saved my life.

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