Comfortable with Uncomfortable

To Become, or not to become?

To become, or not to become? ………..That is the question.

Life is being, and becoming. Creativity is the bridge.
Our beating hearts confirm our being. Our adventurous spirits confirm our becoming.

There is nothing more beautiful, more captivating and more honest than a vulnerable human becoming. Yet on this commonplace of harmony is also where we find discord.
Becoming is beautiful and lucid. It inspires and instructs.
Becoming is also hideous and chaotic. It inflames and confounds.
Thus, our lives sing both magic and mystery. Fulfillment and frustration.

And yet the universal offer is the same: You can be safe and exist, or you can cross the bridge of adventure and become.


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photo – Ken Henderson





Mystery Adds Meaning

Creativity is risky. Creativity is the courageous act of letting go of certainty and embracing the mystery of uncertainty.
Mystery adds meaning. And curiosity is the driving force.
Like an unsteady child letting go of safety and embracing the wonder of her first steps all on her own.
There is promise in adventure; And mystery makes life fascinating. Mystery is the path to discovery & curiosity is the bridge.
Any lack of creativity in our lives as an adult, is simply a lack of curiosity. What if we didn’t have all the steps to life figured out yet?
How do we re-awaken our curiosity like a beginner in the presence of mystery and the promise of discovery.
Life is an adventure. Go forth. Take a step into mystery.

Creative Missions 2 Mars

I write every single day.

Some of it is good. Most of it sucks. I call it my verbal vomit. I throw up words on paper with reckless abandon. My grammar is atrocious. my spelling is comical. My punctuation is non-existant. Fortunately no one ever sees my sh!tty first draft. My friend, Steven Pressfield, taught me that professionals write every day. Amateurs write when they feel like it. It is a mindshift.

Be more. Fear less. Create more. Critique less.

Writing is a process of spiritual exploration. Much like all of my other art. It is designed to expand my worldview.

Writing is an exercise in thinking just as painting is an exercise in visualization.

99% of my creativity place in the dark. Pockets of quietude. Head down. Hoodie up. headphones on. Iphone off.

My writing is partly for business. Partly for play. But less for business….and more foreplay.

These disciplines are like launching daily missions to mars. I fire 20 astronautical shots to space in hopes that 1 lunar shot might land . Some poetic. most pathtic. Some worthy. Most worthless. But it is a formula that works.

The Spark and the Grind.

I write playfully panning for silver and then edit mercilessly mining for a vein of gold.


A Case for Creativity

The Need for Thanksgiving

During one our countries most divided and tumultuous times – Abraham Lincoln recognized our deep human need to be grateful amidst the suffering and chaos. In 1863, He proclaimed a National day of Thanksgiving.

Many events have changed since 1863 but our need to be intentionally and actionably grateful has not.

When we are worried, anxious or fearful we cannot feel gratitude. When we rely on the circumstances of our lives to dictate whether we are thankful, it works against us. This is unfortunately a common and confusing pattern that causes us to look to others for cures to feel thankful. The idea of thanksgiving becomes a backwards re-active worldview of thanksgetting. 

When we look inward and give outward we experience peace regardless of the external circumstances of our lives. Thanksgiving becomes an opportunity to serve unconditionally from the inside out. 

When our mind is cluttered we don’t feel thankful. When our mind is clear, we do feel thankful.

When we actively serve, we naturally give more than we take. When we are grateful we fill the world around us with a selfless and resilient example of thanksgiving. Gratitude is in inside out job that starts with us. On thanksgiving, the greatest opportunity to truly experience peace is to serve and be the change you want to see in the world.

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