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To Become, or not to become?

To become, or not to become? ………..That is the question. – Life is being, and becoming. Creativity is the bridge. Our beating hearts confirm our being. Our adventurous spirits confirm our becoming. There is nothing more beautiful, more captivating and more honest than a vulnerable human becoming. Yet on this commonplace of harmony is also […]

Mystery Adds Meaning

Creativity is risky. Creativity is the courageous act of letting go of certainty and embracing the mystery of uncertainty. Mystery adds meaning. And curiosity is the driving force. Like an unsteady child letting go of safety and embracing the wonder of her first steps all on her own. There is promise in adventure; And mystery […]

Creative Missions 2 Mars

I write every single day. Some of it is good. Most of it sucks. I call it my verbal vomit. I throw up words on paper with reckless abandon. My grammar is atrocious. my spelling is comical. My punctuation is non-existant. Fortunately no one ever sees my sh!tty first draft. My friend, Steven Pressfield, taught […]

The Need for Thanksgiving

During one our countries most divided and tumultuous times – Abraham Lincoln recognized our deep human need to be grateful amidst the suffering and chaos. In 1863, He proclaimed a National day of Thanksgiving. Many events have changed since 1863 but our need to be intentionally and actionably grateful has not. When we are worried, […]