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Tips for parenting a creative child

Creativity is not just a talent for painting, building, dancing, performing et cetera. Creativity is an exercise to expand our minds an into possibility. Therefore it is important to understand exactly *why* we want to keep access to the arts for our children. Both at home and at school. * I personally believe it is […]

The art of technology

Information is not knowledge, and knowledge is not wisdom. Advances in technology have given us unparalleled access to information. However, as the implementation of social, mobil and cloud automation increases – our connectedness to true humanity decreases. Anything that can be automated….will be automated. We need to quickly & collectively realize that access to information […]

Choose Joy

                                     Our world is filled with horrific violence, senseless injustice, suffering, anger, selfishness and pain. And at the very same time our world is also filled with majestic beauty, humble servants, courage, loyalty, celebration, unity, peace and joy. But […]

The Alpha-Beta of Meditation: A Story of Transformation

The Alpha-Beta of Meditation: Accessing the ‘Third Force’ This is a story of transformation—from chaos to peace, from perceived strength to true strength. It is how a simple shift in my behavior made me more creative and improved my productivity. It is about moving from an “alpha” state of being (high intensity awareness, focus, execution, […]

The Art of Goal Setting

The starting point for success is desire. Desire is much stronger than just “want to” it is the inner drive/strength that make your dreams come alive. Set a goal that is exciting to you. That serves as your alarm clock and makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning. Allow this goal […]