Tips for parenting a creative child

Creativity is not just a talent for painting, building, dancing, performing et cetera. Creativity is an exercise to expand our minds an into possibility.

Therefore it is important to understand exactly *why* we want to keep access to the arts for our children. Both at home and at school.

* I personally believe it is the responsibility of the parents to properly value the arts in our children…..not only the schools.

By elevating the importance of creativity at home by loving parents we gain far more influence on our kids than if it were done at school. Creativity is critical to develop and nurture the whole mind of a whole child. It is important to help our kids to expand and explore the very best possible version of who they were designed to be.

Mind. Body and Spirit.

Art, therefore, is not about producing a product. Art is about producing thinking. Critical thinking. Fearless thinking. Expansive thinking. Helping our children develop skills to navigate ambiguity and master complexity on their own. To help them learn how to adapt fluidly from challenge to challenge.

It would be an added bonus if our educational institutions properly valued the arts, but we cannot rely simply on schools to grow our children thru their watertight budgets and barely findable arts programs. It can and should be done at home.


Parents and grandparents can become a full-time arts commissioners. Incentivize specific artistic expression at home and then reward the behavior. This exercise will help them expand into imagination and then contract into execution. And, Then they are compensated. Our children migrate toward that which they are affirmed for. Affirm their own unique problem solving, imagination and creativity.

“Sweety, if you write me a special poem about why you love your mother – I will take you out on a special date with me for a treat of your choice”

“Hey buddy, if you paint me a picture of what you want to be when you grow up – I’ll take you to go do an activity of your choice like Racing go-carts or playing putt-putt golf”

Choreograph a dance. Design a logo. Sing a song…..

You decide the idea, the art form, and the reward. Then broker the transaction. (What activities or treats light them up?) Then step back and watch their minds expand into imagination. It is also important to not critique the execution or final outcome. ——-> because it is the actual process of developing their own unique creativity and problem solving that is most valuable. Process over product.

sometimes their product is fun too. 😀

Become a full-time art commissioner and enjoy the adventure.

*artwork on stairwell from rural community in Peru