The art of technology

Information is not knowledge, and knowledge is not wisdom.

Advances in technology have given us unparalleled access to information. However, as the implementation of social, mobil and cloud automation increases – our connectedness to true humanity decreases. Anything that can be automated….will be automated. We need to quickly & collectively realize that access to information is not understanding.

For any information to have understanding, emotional intelligence must be activated to effectively filter meaning out of the data.

We can have “knowledge” – e.g. the logical conclusion from processing information, but it is only thru interaction, and human empathy (the ability to place oneself in another’s experience and have compassion for it) – that we reach “understanding.” Data can tell us the analytics about hunger and poverty, but unless we have had communion with the poor – we don’t understand it.

Technology can be profoundly advantageous & prolong life, and it can also be a dangerous impediment to empathy, compassion and wisdom. We must be cognizant of how we allow automation and technology to interact in our lives.


This should be taught in school. Now.

Are we controlling technology or is technology controlling us?

Be connected. But, Be aware. Be compassionate. Be human.

Artwork by EZKstreetart in Paris

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