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Mental toughness is controlling our emotions.

Our mind is like a muscle. To build a stronger body we need weights to lift. The challenges we face in life are like weights for our mind.

Avoiding, numbing or sedating the challenge is akin to a form of laziness. And if we are lazy enough, long enough, it becomes a habit. And when those lazy habits accumulate even the smallest setback or challenge feels like a massive weight that is simply too heavy to lift.

However, every time we make the hard choice to turn and face our challenges: we grow stronger, we grow more confident and more courageous.

Mental toughness is a decision not to quit.

Mental toughness is not an alpha state of aggression.

Mental toughness is about calming our mind amidst the storm and focusing our energy to make the hard decision to advance forward toward growth as opposed to retreat toward lazy.

Building mental toughness is essential to success.