Discipline of Creativity

I have written a great deal about the whimsical-childlike process of dreaming up a new idea. I have shared far less about the lonely work I do to foster innovation. My personal dogged approach to grinding through resistance to discover unchartered territory.

I have found some of my greatest creative breakthroughs occur when…… (are you ready for this)…… I am laser focused and militaristically disciplined.

The paradox of creativity is that structure creates freedom. I am a naturally creative spirit who has built my business with extreme orderliness and attention to detail. The strength of this structure gives me greater confidence and freedom to create.

In studying the masters;

– Beethoven sat down everyday at daybreak, regardless of season, and composed until 3:00pm.

– Kafka started writing at 11:30pm each night.

– Mozart taught lessons by day and composed only in the evenings.

– Picasso ate lunch each day with his family in silence and only allowed visitors one day per week.

– Mark Twain awoke at 5:30 am, ate a hearty breakfast, and wrote until 5:00 pm.

When fanatical discipline is combined with empirical creativity, the challenges of mental fatigue and mind-blocks are no match in the pursuit of excellence.

The only things these individuals have in common is the rigidity of their daily routines, carving out the pockets of quietude to listen to their inner creative voice.

Until you and I build up the capacity to focus like the masters, let us begin by adhering to the cheeky mindset of Peter De Vries…..“I write when I’m inspired, and I see to it that I’m inspired at nine o’clock every morning.”

Creativity without discipline is like a river without banks.