Creativity Changes Everything

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Creativity is the change that changes everything.


It’s not showing you what to see, but teaching you how to see. And once you know how to see, beauty emerges that was previously hidden in plain sight.


Creativity is process of expanding our consciousness. It suspends the anxiety caused by linear thinking temporarily and allows access to an inner sanctuary of expansive calm.


Mindful creativity slows the rhythms of life and bridges the wonders of the world to our own personal oasis within. This connection plugs us into a heightened sense of beauty, harmony, abundance, empathy, curiosity, gratitude and love.


Logic is logical, but the single lens of logic simply cannot capture the subtle artistic beauty in life that surrounds us all the time. Creativity is not the opposite of logic, but rather beyond it.


Creativity fascinates our mind, shakes up our brain cells and opens up our emotional intelligence to allow space for unattached, non-judgmental peripheral views of possibility.


Sunsets are majestic……But they are invisible to the most logical, preoccupied, anxious mind.


Creativity arises when wonder wakes. Give yourself permission to relax and breath softly into the delicate beauty of your own creativity. In so doing, you will change, and the world will follow.


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  1. Tom Morris
    Tom Morris says:

    Great reflectio, Erik! For me, that “inner sanctuary of expansive calm” is also the place of expansive perception, insight, and wisdom. It’s the thought beyond normal thought. It’s not contrary to logic at all but beyond it, as logic is one more ladder we need to climb and reach beyond. You’re able to nail it here in words because you’ve lived it far beyond words! Way to go, brother.

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