Transforming Our Pain

Seek the courage to face adversity in ways that lessen rather than add to the suffering of the world

Social media is wonderful channel to express and share grief around those who are suffering the most.

It is also a dangerous channel to vent anger and frustration and give hate a voice.

I am currently here in Orlando surrounded by tremendous sorrow, confusion and outrage. Emotions are powerful. Our expressions can be a path to unity and yet at the same time can become a toxic path to divide.

Today is a good day to recalibrate our own emotions – The pain of senseless violence is very real. But somehow we must to resist the temptation to socialize this tragedy into religious or political tribes that give hate a stronghold.

I did not post yesterday because I was angry. But If I am unable to transform my anger, I am doomed to transmit it.

Anger has no power beyond that which I feed it.

Quietly, I must seek the courage to face adversity in a way that lessens rather than adds to the suffering of the world.

Erik Wahl

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  1. Kim
    Kim says:

    LOVE this and your mindful path. I wasn’t angry at first, rather I was completely beside myself recognizing the sheer volume of hate, fear and anger coming out of my fellow humans. I too haven’t spoken of it yet either as I’m still processing my feelings around so many avenues of what got us here.
    I hope you come back and write, express more

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