The path to becoming a champion


Champions develop World Class habits long before they are champions. Amateurs are boastful. Champions are humble. Amateurs love to be comfortable. Champions are comfortable being uncomfortable. Amateurs compete. World class champions create. Amateurs practice when the feel like it. Champions practice every day…… especially when they don’t feel like it.

Success is not an accident                                 curry play train

Amateurs let others assess their potential. Champions defy others and define their potential for themselves.

— Here is a 2009 NBA Scouting Report on Steph —

Steph Curry, 6’3 185 lbs, Position: Point Guard. Steph’s explosion and athleticism are far below NBA standard. He’s not a great finisher around the basket. He often struggles against physical defenders and is prone to overshoot and make silly mistakes handling the ball. He will have limited success at the NBA level


*** NBA finals * Two great champions going head to head ***




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