Creativity Changes Everything

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Creativity is the change that changes everything.


It’s not showing you what to see, but teaching you how to see. And once you know how to see, beauty emerges that was previously hidden in plain sight.


Creativity is process of expanding our consciousness. It suspends the anxiety caused by linear thinking temporarily and allows access to an inner sanctuary of expansive calm.


Mindful creativity slows the rhythms of life and bridges the wonders of the world to our own personal oasis within. This connection plugs us into a heightened sense of beauty, harmony, abundance, empathy, curiosity, gratitude and love.


Logic is logical, but the single lens of logic simply cannot capture the subtle artistic beauty in life that surrounds us all the time. Creativity is not the opposite of logic, but rather beyond it.


Creativity fascinates our mind, shakes up our brain cells and opens up our emotional intelligence to allow space for unattached, non-judgmental peripheral views of possibility.


Sunsets are majestic……But they are invisible to the most logical, preoccupied, anxious mind.


Creativity arises when wonder wakes. Give yourself permission to relax and breath softly into the delicate beauty of your own creativity. In so doing, you will change, and the world will follow.


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Traveler vs. Tourist

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

However, if we become tourists in our travels we lose its richness.

Have the mindset of a traveler.

Tourists exchange money for expectations.

          Travelers exchange money for experiences.

Tourists take pictures of attractions.

          Travelers make memories of adventures.

Tourists eat food for fuel and efficiency.

          Travelers eat food for culture and conversation.

 Tourists like to promote their own cultural idealism.

          Travelers like to absorb the idealism of other cultures.

Tourists are afraid to become lost in their travels.

Travelers are afraid to become tourists.

What are some of your most amazing traveler experiences?

Share your stories below!

tourist vs. traveler

Transforming Our Pain

Seek the courage to face adversity in ways that lessen rather than add to the suffering of the world

Social media is wonderful channel to express and share grief around those who are suffering the most.

It is also a dangerous channel to vent anger and frustration and give hate a voice.

I am currently here in Orlando surrounded by tremendous sorrow, confusion and outrage. Emotions are powerful. Our expressions can be a path to unity and yet at the same time can become a toxic path to divide.

Today is a good day to recalibrate our own emotions – The pain of senseless violence is very real. But somehow we must to resist the temptation to socialize this tragedy into religious or political tribes that give hate a stronghold.

I did not post yesterday because I was angry. But If I am unable to transform my anger, I am doomed to transmit it.

Anger has no power beyond that which I feed it.

Quietly, I must seek the courage to face adversity in a way that lessens rather than adds to the suffering of the world.

Erik Wahl

The path to becoming a champion


Champions develop World Class habits long before they are champions. Amateurs are boastful. Champions are humble. Amateurs love to be comfortable. Champions are comfortable being uncomfortable. Amateurs compete. World class champions create. Amateurs practice when the feel like it. Champions practice every day…… especially when they don’t feel like it.

Success is not an accident                                 curry play train

Amateurs let others assess their potential. Champions defy others and define their potential for themselves.

— Here is a 2009 NBA Scouting Report on Steph —

Steph Curry, 6’3 185 lbs, Position: Point Guard. Steph’s explosion and athleticism are far below NBA standard. He’s not a great finisher around the basket. He often struggles against physical defenders and is prone to overshoot and make silly mistakes handling the ball. He will have limited success at the NBA level


*** NBA finals * Two great champions going head to head ***