What is your Ikigai?

Find your purpose.

Igikai is a phrase that the Okinawan community in Japan coined to define “purpose” in their lives. There is no single standardized answer. It is beautifully unique for every different person. Our personal Ikigai is our “identity” the deep reason or meaning behind, why we do – what we do. Once we take the time to define our Ikigai, we are far more capable to triumph over adversity. Our personal Ikigai gives us clear and concise direction in the face of the most harrowing resistance. When the going gets tough, our Ikigai provides us a guiding light for overcoming fear and uncertainty even in the darkest situations. When we know our Ikigai the purpose of our daily life becomes much more significant and the obstacles in our daily life become much less significant.

Unless you can define your own personal Ikigai, you are going to waste a lot of time trying to chase down and fulfill someone else’s definition for what you thought your Ikigai was supposed to be.
What is your personal Ikigai? What gives your life meaning? What is your internal alarm clock that gets you excited to get out of bed in the morning?

…don’t be heroic in your answer to others – Be real in your answer to yourself.
Define your Ikigai Find your purpose.


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  1. Lance Johnson
    Lance Johnson says:

    Good stuff! Creative mastermind he is!

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