The War of Art

Creativity is easy to achieve – because so many people are satisfied with mediocrity.

So many people are satisfied to do things the way they have always been done because that appears to be the path of the least resistance.

Everyone talks about “being extraordinary,” “being creative” or “going the extra mile.” Yet almost no one actually does it. Most people who get temporarily inspired get there and think, “wait…no one else is here…why am I doing this?” And they stop….giving into that resistance.

Resistance is the enemy.

Resistance is the force that quietly encourages you to be ordinary, to settle for just good enough to get by. Resistance whispers into our ear that creativity is risky. That being creative is silly, or reckless or even dangerous.

Creativity is not simply about the ART of painting a better portrait but rather it is the ART of fulfilling your potential as a human being.

As Steven Pressfield noted in his magnificent little book, The War of Art,

“Most of us have two lives.
The life we live
and the unlived life within us
between the two stands resistance.”

Liberty Installation from The Art of Vision on Vimeo.

Resistance is everything in your life that prevents you from doing the work you were called to do. “