A Case for Creativity

Creativity is the active ingredient that transforms knowledge into innovation.

* Knowledge is the disciplined process of learning and accumulating information.

* Intelligence is the academic process of synthesizing large volumes of knowledge.

* Creativity is the dynamic process of transforming intelligence into an entirely new form of knowledge altogether.

Our imagination is the spark that ignites learning and fuels our curiosity to dive deeper into a quest for more knowledge.

Children joyfully explore new ideas and knowledge…..until it is rigorously imposed upon them in an industrial factory form of academics…..and then it becomes drudgery.

Education should be engaging. Learning to be creative is akin to learning a sport. It requires practice to develop the right muscles, and a supportive environment in which to flourish. We learn to be creative by experimenting, exploring and synthesizing new information.

Creativity begins with a foundation of knowledge, learning and discipline. The best teachers spend most of their time igniting curiosity. Unlocking, provoking, challenging. and inspiring the thirst for more knowledge.

This is why we need art. It is not just a whimsical “time filler.” The arts open doorways to our creativity. The act of art does MORE than individual subjects alone… and helps young minds become meaningful thinkers!!