life is real. pain and triumph. stay strong.

A very good friend and spiritual mentor has strongly encouraged me that being vulnerable and transparent in my weakness can be endearing,

i am not so sure……We’ll see. I am a motivational speaker who is broken today. I am heading on tour for major gig tomorrow morning.

However My 13 year old son suffered a violent break in his leg both of his bones in his lower fibula and tibia (double compound fracture) this weekend in the championship game of his soccer tournament. He went straight to the ER in immense pain – and 24 hours later is still in pain and enveloped by fear as he must go back into surgery tonight. I held him through out the night and gave him peace end encouragement . but I had to leave his side. i had to “go back to work” life is dynamic. life is real. life is fragile and triumphant in the same sentence. i am the father of my son – and my son needs his father. There is no subsitute for dad. I don’t know the answer, i am a passionate ARTIST who loves sharing this message, a loving dad and husband who is still trying to figure out the formula for life. My wife is entirely capable of handling this entire situation – I just feel a sense of ownership that I should be holding his hand. My youngest dealing with this trauma – it is serious to him. He needs me. And I am not there. I have a job that I love. i have an audience that has been waiting for a year to see my show and needs to hear my message. But I have a son that I love more. I will not be there for him as he comes out of surgery again. He has asked for me. And I am now in florida. Today I hurt. My business life is blowing up. but Without my family I don’t care.

we are all searching for work life balance. including me. i will be back with him in the hospital tomorrow…… be continued.