Mystery Adds Meaning

When mystery leads, curiosity follows.

When curiosity is a driving force, a person remains interested, present and in passionate pursuit. Kids are notorious for driving their parents crazy with incessant questions. Whys, why nots, and what ifs. There are few things more constant in a child’s life than curiosity. But these questions are the reason they learn so much so quickly.

Mystery is also the reason people like business tycoon Sir Richard Branson, Titanic and Avatar director, James Cameron, and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos spend millions of dollars to explore the deepest oceans in the world. Mystery makes life fascinating.

There is promise in mystery: the promise of virgin paths and unchartered waters. And, if we keep searching, there is the promise of discovery. Mystery makes everything more interesting, and more interesting means more meaningful. Creativity is born of mystery.

  • excerpt from chapter 2 of UNTHINK *

UNFORGETTABLE video tribute to our soldiers by Erik Wahl from The Art of Vision on Vimeo.