Tips on parenting a creative child

1. Stop complaining about the lack of creativity in our public school system.

– We are losing our best, most nurturing teachers because there is so much negativity surrounding this subject in our educational system.

2. Take personal accountability for their creativity as a parent

– Teach creativity and the arts at home. Help them to grow their own dreams, challenge their assumptions and break through preconceived barriers and notions

– Stop trying to be perfect and start being remarkable.

– Break out the Lego blocks, take away the instructions, challenge your child to build a dream structure for where they would like to work or a castle for where they would like to live when they grow up.

– Open up the box of Crayola Crayons and commission your child to create a new family crest or shield with imaginative symbols and ideals that are important for your family to always remember.

– Write a short essay about an invention that hasn’t yet been invented.

Unthink because imagination is more important than knowledge

UNTHINK – June 4, 2013 from The Art of Vision on Vimeo.

Each of these activities can be done with 5, 15 and 25 year olds

3. Have fun, be engaged, don’t be afraid to curl up on the ground and participate beside them in the same exercise. You might surprise everyone.i will be hiding a painting in CA this week. team up with your child to and engage in an ART DROP tresure hutn. see if you can unlock the clues and be the first to find the artwork. first to find the artwok gets to keep it.

I too have been guilty of criticizing our school system as an outdated model – but as I grow I am inspired to stop blaming and start leading.

p.s. I recommend sending your child to school with the delightful surprise of experiencing some cultural diversity and sensitivity to different social environments. If you are fortunate enough to have a child who breezes through the standardized academics of school then pick up the slack at home and challenge them to some additional experiential learning at your kitchen table.

p.s.s. for those of you parents who have already invented creative activities at home please post some of your own ideas below so we can all share in your fun!