UNthink and UNLEASH

I have a puppy named Chloe. I put a LEASH on my little dog in public to respectfully limit her unpredictable behavior and maintain my authoritative command over her movement. In proper outdoor social settings though…I delight with whimsy as IUNLEASH my puppy and allow her to run free, to romp and frolic and discover boundless new is sights, smells and sounds.

When I went to school my childlike curiosity was also leashed to submit to similar authoritative control. My imagination took a back seat to develop my linear and logical capacity to read, write and critically THINK in standardized predictable patterns.

In an attempt to leash my childlike behavior I was conditioned to let go of my creativity, my imagination and my dreams. My well meaning parents and teachers LEASHED my thoughts into safe, predictable standardized answers, to sit in straight rows, to color within the lines and be well behaved. I was regulated and complied to THINK exactly the same as everyone else around me.

UNthink is my “ battle cry “ to rise up and reclaim my natural creative curiosity.

UNthink is my blue print for anyone to unlock your boundless potential.

UNthink is your permission slip to wander off the leash, to romp and run free with new ideas and thought patterns.

UNthink is a manifesto to Expand Your Mind…..and discover new ideas, sights, smells and sounds that your competitors have not yet dreamed possible.

Erik Wahl UNthink 2013 from The Art of Vision on Vimeo.

UNthink and rediscover your creative genius

“here is an sneak peek from my new book UNTHINK being released from Random House™ on June 4, 2013