Anatomy of an ART DROP execution

6:15- My mother gets an email alert from Facebook from my Aunt who lives in Denver. She sent a link to Erik Wahl’s Facebook post on the Phoenix ART DROP. At the same time, Dad was calling from soccer about the post. Then, Aunt Dawn called me to look on facebook to see the clues and I saw the second clue about the Keys. I told my mom that P!NK was performing at US Airways center tonight so the ART DROP must be there.

6:30- My mother has a friend who was going to the P!NK concert and so she decided to call her up. She asked her if she was able to go see if she could go get the painting for us. But little did we know that it was not be that simple.

6:40- When she got to the painting she called us to tell us it was still there; my sister, my mother and I were so excited. Unfortantly like I said it was not that simple! The painting was attached to the tree by a bike lock and the only way to get the painting was to find the key to the bike lock! She quickly looked around but had to go into the concert…So we did what any rational people would do, we ran to our car and drove from our house to US airways center; by the way, the drive is about thirty minutes and it took us fifteen…

7:00- When we drove up to US Airways center, my mom dropped my sister and I off at the painting and she went to go find a parking spot. At the same time, we recived the next two clues: -key hidden within 200 ft of the artwork -The key is in a tree across the street

7:30- Emma and I had been searching for what seemed like hours! I am pretty sure we got alot of weird looks from people walking along Jefferson street. One lady even asked me if I needed help to find something! We then got the next three clues about: -how we are close to the prize but we still haven’t found what we are looking for… how we are getting warmer the hunters are inches away! (we knew we had to be close) -and it is below the knees, What?

7:35- As we are searching through the trees, I hear my mom shout something and my sister starts running across the street. We had found the keys and we were going to unlock the painting.
When we finally unlocked the painting, it made all of hard work and searching completely worth it! Thank you for a creative once in a lifetime, memory making opportunity.

Kaelin Toncheff