Creative Pilgrimage

I feel like a kid on Christmas eve. This weekend is the25th Annual KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas concert. This venue is arguably the greatest stage in the world for the hottest rising stars in the musical world to showcase their live talents. 22 bands. 2 full days. 1 unparalleled creative experience. (there is a second event in Anaheim in May that is equally dopeKROQ Weenie Roast lineup

This event is my Annual Business Meeting. A strategic sabbatical where I let my imagination soar. Every year, for the last 10 years, this concert is undoubtedly where I create my best ideas. I allow myself the freedom to let their music sink into my soul and awaken new ideas. That is where the magic happens. I bring sketch pads and crayons, scratch paper and pencils and capture thoughts as the bands electrify the crowd and my creative mind comes alive.

This is my creative pilgrimage. This is my artistic Nirvana. This is my craft lab.

In addition to capturing new ideas for future art projects, films, blogs, books and presentations, I watch and study the performers. I observe how they interact with the audience. Art is dynamic. What was effective last year will not necessarily be effective this year. What will the young, raw, organic talent makers do to translate their art and create a loyal tribe of engaged followers.

How do they humanize their band to monetize their brand?

How do they engage the audience?

This is my Annual Meeting.

This is where I will create my future.

ERIK WAHL 2013 demo reel teaser from The Art of Vision on Vimeo.