Focus. Commit. Adapt.

A friend of mine does the psychological profiling for the elite armed forces. In this case his work focuses on the US Navy Seals. He tests and scores them in both physiological and psychological challenges to determine how they continually achieve levels of superior performance. How do they remain unflinchingly calm in the face of the most harrowing situations? How do they sustain levels of peak performance amidst a rapidly changing and often chaotic environment?

After tremendous research, what he has boiler plated it down to are three core elements. That is the ability to focus. The ability to commit. And ultimately the ability to adapt.

Focus. Commit. Adapt. – Erik Wahl from The Art of Vision on Vimeo.

What he has found is that most professionals have been heavily trained to focus and to commit. However, what differentiates the average from the elite is our ability to adapt. Those who are able to embrace innovation and improvisation as a core competency are better equipped to succeed in the future. What steps can you take to expand your skills to pro-actively adjust your landscape and adapt to remain one step ahead of the competition.