Wake Up Dead Man

The masses of men live quiet lives of silent desperation – Thoreau

the masses long for a better future
the minority take matters into their own hands and get up and do the work.

This minority take the road less traveled. They are the renegades, the entrepreneurs and the risk takers. They will settle for nothing less than living passionately and pro-actively engaging the world around them. It involves risk. It involves letting go of our egos. It involves work.

The majority are those who have resigned themselves to the conclusion that safety, predictability and financial security are the ultimate life goal. The challenge is that security is an illusion. and without careful balance, security becomes an addiction. A worldview of scarcity. A cycle of worry where we become increasingly anxious, nervous and fearful.

“Life is either a daring adventure,” said Helen Keller, “or it is nothing.”

Change happens the instant we wake up. The moment we realize we have been seduced into living an unadventurous boring life. When we are reintroduced to adventure, exploration and risk then we are able to expand our perceptions of what is possible not only in our own lives but in the lives of those around us. Our worldview moves from scarcity and fear to gratitude and abundance.

The goal of my artwork, films, books and live performances is to re-awaken audiences to unleash their fullest potential. To unlock their genius. To ignite their passions. To re-discover their fearless childlike curiosity.

What would you do with your life if trappings of money and financial security were not the driving force? What would you try for the first time if failure was not an option? Once you engage in the richness of life, you will never be poor again.

If you want more out of your life…… If you want to live more passionately – Cut the cord and embrace the beautiful uncertainty of life out on the skinny branches.

Find your passions and take the first step. be engaged – tap into your creative reservoir of greatness.

Case study – ART DROP

To measure this with imperical data I offer incentives for audiences to take that first step and break outside of their comfort zones. To offer jackpot rewards in exchange for taking the first steps to engage life in a daring adventure.

I offer ART DROP – where I hide my artwork around the world. I then geo-cache clues to launch a global treasure hunt. I release hints on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to the location. of the hidden artwork . The first person to find it gets to keep it.

99% of people see the first clue give up because the challenges appear insurmountable. It is too far away. It simply is not practical to try. Even though they like the idea of a winning a free painting they are disappointed by the fact that they cannot easily walk out the front door and have the prize fall into their lap. They simply are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But then there are the winners. The passionate committed renegades. The 1% of people who are actively engaged in the hunt regardless of the obstacles. They are problem solvers. They creatively reach out to friends, family, unique social connections, nearby businesses and new and creative ways to expand their reach beyond their physical limitations and try and secure the artwork without being anywhere close to the actual city. These individuals are passionate. They are the doers. They are the people who will venture outside their immediate comfort zone and take a risk. They are the winners, whether they get the painting or not – They have engaged in the creative process and taken the first step to unleash their potential. Life is a treasure hunt. Winners engage and create opportunities where the masses long for different circumstances.

For those that have been to one of my live keynote speaking programs you know that I offer these same incentives throughout my presentation. I tempt audiences to embrace risk. 99% decline. 1 % engage. An opportunity to venture outside their comfort zone and to be take that first step toward greatness.

Because life begins at the end of our comfort zone.