Global Patriotism

I just returned from Monte Carlo, Monaco where I keynoted a Global Banking Summit. The delegates were comprised of CEO’s from Financial Institutions from 40 different countries all around the world. It was a beautiful collaboration of diversity, intelligence and camaraderie.

My presentation was titled “UnTh!nk” – Creating a New Frontier. It was a conference of astoundingly powerful individuals. But what struck me the most was their keen interest to unite their influence to improve the world. To “UnTh!nk” their past success and form a new horizon of global financial solutions.

After my presentation my wife and I shared many private empassioned conversations with delegates from the Middle East, From India, From Africa, From Asia. From Europe and the from the Americas. And to a person…….I was stunned at their kindness, compassion and love.

They all had a non-corporate interest in creating a better system for the children of tomorrow.

They were global patriots.

If I could share one take away with you from this experience it would be to turn off your TV. Do not let the media define what your world should or should not look like. Do not let jaded columnists tell you what you should be angry about or why you should be filled with fear. We are in this together. It is not us vs. them. bankers vs. consumers. East vs. West. Our world is so small. Please join us in becoming Global Patriots.