On April 30, 2012 My wife and I met P!nk and her husband Carey Hart at Linda’s Voice a charity auction in Beverly Hills that we both attended to end domestic violence.

I later performed a painting of Marilyn Monroe choreographed to a tribute video in an effort to support the cause….. and then P!nk supported the cause and me by out bidding all other bidders to purchase the painting in front of a sea of global media flashbulbs.

Today i am paying it forward by honoring P!nk in her triumphant return. She is launching her new album “The Truth About Love” on 9/18/2012.
P!nk is also returning to the stage next week after a year at home with her beautiful new daughter Willow. This is my early shout out back to her.

I have hidden one of these paintings (32” x 48” – acrylic and latex on canvas) in Los Angeles near the location where P!nk will be performing next week at the VMA’s.

Now you can also be a part of this tribute too. The search starts now! First to find this painting – gets to keep it!