The gift of Dyslexia

The gift of Dyslexia

Any person diagnosed with a learning disorder is 4x more likely to become a self made millionaire than the rest of us.

In fact, the number of game changing entrepreneurs who were diagnosed with dyslexia or some other form of a learning disorder is staggering. Consider Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, Sir Richard Branson, Charles Scwhab, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, Henry Ford, Nelson Rockefeller et cetera. Some have even hinted that the greatest inventor of all-time, Leonardo DaVinci, may have had some sform of learning disorder but we will never fully know…….because dyslexia hadn’t yet been invented.

Why is this?

The science is simple. They overcompensate to invent new routes. Much like an individual who is blind often develops a heightened sense of hearing; an individual who is unable to learn easy formulaic answers is forced to go rogue in search of alternate routes. They forge their own unconventional path thru the thickets of their imagination that the esteemed academic community never even saw much less considered a viable answer.

Another reason individuals with dyslexia may do well outside of school is the fact that due to their academic struggles they often find themselves outside of the mainstream social groups in school. Feeling alone, they compensate by spending time exploring ideas, learning new strategies, and working to find a model of success.

I recommend for those of us plagued with high marks in standardized academics to enroll in the school of forced dyslexia. Shut down your left logic brain and open up your right creative brain. Let go of what you know to be true. Let go of your intuitive formulaic answers and challenge yourself to come up with a second answer or maybe even a crazy audacious third right answer.

When you begin to let go of conventional wisdom will you open the channels to transcend mediocrity and taste the rarified air of true innovation.

Through the great gift of dyslexia – or better – the gift of boundless multi-dimensional free thinking.