Surprising Broca

According to experts, advertisers try to gain access to our conscious awareness by hitting us with informational messaging between 3,000 to 5,000 times per day. Ugh.

We’d all go insane if all those marketing messages registered.

The beauty of our brain is that we have a built in safeguard called Broca. The Broca area of our brain anticipates, discounts and ignores the vast majority of the ordinary and the predictable messaging. (We also use Broca to arrange our words into understandable sentences.)

Imagine Broca as your muscle-bound doorman, guarding the entryway to your conscious awareness. Mr. Broca decides if your message is worthy of attention. If Mr. Broca is impressed, emotionally seduced or surprised by the unexpected….cha-ching…..the message comes to life.

The good news is that you have infinite opportunities to bring your own message to life! So take a risk – and delightfully “awaken” your audience or your customers Broca!

Using the unexpected to surprise your customers may feel uncomfortable at first. But if you keep doing the same comfortable messaging that your competitors do, your message becomes boring. And Boring is invisible.

Wahl_USD_cover_320_391_c1Surprise Broca and get noticed.