Playmore Fearless

My wife and I took a spontaneous day trip up from San Diego to the Getty museum in Beverly Hills to be inspired. I will frequent art museums and live concerts to feed my imagination. I am a student of performance and fixed art to grow my business.

Upon arriving we were specifically encouraged to view Van Gogh’s “Irises”. We did, and it was indeed a handsome painting of a few Irises.

What struck me is that this was this painting was never intended to be a finished piece of art. Van Gogh specifically declared this work a mere “study” a practice to play with capturing light, balance and the energy of the brushstroke.

Even further, it was painted in a garden of an asylum at Saint-Remy where Van Gogh was recuperating from a severe attack of mental illness.

A cathartic and disciplined effort to overcome his own personal fears or demons had that haunted him throughout his career. A therapy session to play more, and fear less.

“Irises”” has risen to become the most viewed painting in the Getty. It is valued at over $100 million dollars. Even though it was never intended for public viewing…… it stands alone as one of the most valuable paintings in the history of the world.

It was a reminder that creative magic is unpredictable. It is not calculated. And It rarely happens when we are stressed.

It was a reminder to continue to create with reckless abandon. To not critique and judge my own work but to continue to practice and give creativity a space to happen. To play-more and fear-less.

Art is Freedom