Oceanside ART DROP in California is found

Here is the story from the courageous winner, Kevin Medlock who pieced together all of the clues on twitter and captured the treasure and brought it back home to his family in Atlanta.

The day after Erik’s great presentation at the TD Ameritrade conference, I saw the first clue on twitter around 10 AM. The rocks looked familiar as I had gone for a run on the beach that morning. The second clue was a picture of a sign at the beach that I was certain I had seen. I stopped during my run to catch my breath and take in the view. I just happened to read the sign. When I saw the third clue I was certain that I knew where the painting was.

During a break at the conference, I walked down to the beach to see if the painting was still there. I walked across the beach and around Goff Island and there it was. Since I was in a suit and wearing dress shoes, climbing up the rock was a bit of a challenge. I am sure it was hilarious to those on the beach watching! I was able to make it back down to the beach without falling into the ocean or dropping the painting. Stopped once on the way back to the conference to empty the sand out of my shoes, but other than that it was no problem.


Thank you again for such an amazing painting.


(here is photo of ART DROP painting back home with his daughter back in Atlanta. Love it!)