Tickled P!nk – Graffiti artist exposes his heart

Artist will tell you we don’t care if you like our work or not. We have to. It is a survival skill. We in fact are very emotional and care deeply about what you think of our work, which is always a naked extension of soul.

On Saturday night several artists and notable personalities came together to support Linda’s Voice. (A non-profit foundation to end domestic abuse.) The media will tell you that we raised a lot of money for a great cause. The media will tell you about the celebrities and even some juicy gossip if you google long enough.

And while I am delighted at the success of the evening and the momentum of the foundation, I also received a very personal gift in return that I was not expecting. A gift that money cannot buy. I was given the respect of another artist. And not only an artist, but one of my personal favorite singer/songwriters of all time. One whom has overcome tremendous obstacles in her life. One who also is willing to wear her heart on her sleeve. One who flicks off the polish of perfect pitch to expose the authenticity of her soul.

I performed and P!nk responded. She acknowledged me as an artist. Again, I am delighted that Linda’s Voice generated good money for a great cause. But I am tinkled P!nk that my soul was acknowledged by my new friend Alicia.

She outbid all others and won my painting and my heart.

*disclaimer. I hate this picture of me that’s below. P!nk looks adorable as always, but I look like a goofy schoolboy who is gushing because someone gave him a surprise. But it is real. This is me. This is a real time picture of my goofy schoolboy soul smiling for the camera.

behind the scenes footage from my F**kin’ Perfect night….