The Deadmau5 Experience and ART DROP

While Erik’s been on a whirlwind trip full of speaking engagements, he’s been up to some fun things. Just the other night he was in Miami and attended a Deadmau5 concert – an experience really.

Deadmau5 (pronounced “Dead Mouse”) has been taking the world by storm with his unique mix of electronic music and live show that pulls out all the stops. His worldwide popularity is huge and his fan base is rabid, to say the least.

Here’s Erik’s take on Deadmau5:

“Whenever I am on tour I try to get to as many live shows of entertainment acts as possible to understand how they work an audience. Whether it’s Katy Perry in New Zealand, Korn in London, Dixie Chicks in Dallas, Rob Bell in Los Angeles, or Deadmau5 in Miami, I am attending as a student, as a sponge to better understand the dynamic relationship between performers and audiences across a wide network of genres and loyal fans. Live entertainment is my school and my way of staying relevant and ahead of the game. Art is the precursor and the forward thinking mechanism for business.

Last night I attended Deadmau5, not because I own all of his records and am a disciple, but because I needed to understand how he has built a die hard loyal following like Lady Gaga’s “little monsters.”

My reaction to the event?

Let me breakdown the Deadmau5 experience from an academic business standpoint. It was unconventional for the uninitiated yet it has taken the world by storm outside the US.
Here’s why:

1. Brilliant Brand – simple, “sticky,” identifiable.

2. Brilliant execution – it transcended the traditional concert experience by electrifying the audience into a frenzy with rhythmic mathematical cadence. Igniting the audience on a wave of adrenaline building to an explosion of energy through understanding the human psychology, science, and music. It was not a performer to audience experience – it was a unifying build of, and release of, passion and energy.”

Lastly, enjoy a clip of the Deadmau5 experience: