MLK Was In The Wind

While in Atlanta for a performance, Erik spent some time at the Martin Luther King National Historical and witnessed a rather unique ART DROP experience.

In Erik’s own words:

“i placed it at the mlk memorial in atlanta in an intentionally obvious space. (hundreds of tourists came and took photos with it but then all left it there for it was seemingly a part of the historical sight.

the weather was 70 and sunny and not a hint of wind in the air. when little Demarius walked up to have his picture taken, the painting miraculously (almost divinely) blew over and revealed the words:

“congrats. you won ART DROP. you found it. you keep it.”

he was slackjawed at the finding. they looked around, it didn’t make sense to take this painting from the memorial. but the language said they should, so they reluctantly yet triumphantly carried it away as a very special token from their experience that day at the monument. For those who believe in fate, there was NO wind that day. the painting was secure. it blew down for Demarius. Demarius is supposed to have it.

do great things young man!

he was beside himself ecstatic. his sister and mom helped him with the new winnings. i was lurking on a bench nearby and they came to ask me if i knew if this was legit. i smiled and let them know i was the artist and that they did in fact win. it is theirs to keep.”

Check out Erik creating this piece: