Audrey in Beverly Hills

Last week, Erik was in Beverly Hills and decided his surroundings deserved an ART DROP featuring someone of an equally opulent fashion. The iconic Audrey Hepburn image from Breakfast at Tiffany’s fit the bill and was set up high along the side of an unassuming building.

The best part of this ART DROP had to be the amount of people who were scrambling about trying to get their hands on the piece. Remember, whoever gets to the piece first gets to keep it!

From Rob on Facebook: “I know where it is, just can’t get somebody there fast enough! Have the Google street view pic and everything…”

Johana said “Congratulations to the winner! Wish I could have gotten there sooner! 🙁 I really had my heart set on the piece.”

The winner was Andrew Boulton and here’s how he won the piece:

“I was up on a conference call and instead of listening I was facebooking. Saw Erik post this clue and as soon as he posted the San Vicente clue knew exactly where this was because I run by it very often. Of course I had to wait for the conference call to end and then jumped in my car to go there.

I get there and I had another call on my cell phone I had to take for work, and actually walked around the building 3 or 4 times while on the call and didn’t “LOOK UP” to see this (walked by it at least 3 times), I figure someone else found it already, then I got off the call and turned around and saw it plain as day!

The biggest struggle was trying to fit it into my coupe… no trunk space, and the art is too big to fit through the fold-down rear seat. So I reclined the seats and had Audrey riding shot gun on the way home with me”

Our favorite part is how Andrew even knew that Erik does these amazing ART DROP pieces:
“My boss and I saw Erik at a conference last year in Las Vegas and I’ve been following him ever since on twitter and Facebook. We (boss and I) always talk about how that was the best speaker we’ve seen (most captivating) at any conference and how much we wanted to win the BONO painting he gave away that day… (I’m a HUUUUUGE U2 fan).”

These texts below are from Andrew telling his boss about the experience.

For future ART DROP pieces, stay tuned to Erik’s Facebook and Twitter accounts for all the action.