Tom Brady ART DROP

The week before SuperBowl XLVI Erik had a performance engagement in Boston. Naturally, he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do an ART DROP with an original Tom Brady painting.

Announcing the ART DROP on his Facebook page and Twitter account, Erik posted a photo of the piece, 3 video “clues” as well as a Good Will Hunting movie poster to help fans pin point the location of the piece.

Fans clamored to get their hands on it. Facebook was buzzing and the emails were rollin in.

Our two favorite comments came via email and were these:

“I knew exactly where Erik hid the painting… so I rushed out of the office and went to the location. When I was turning the corner I saw someone grab the painting and then run away like a mad man… I just missed it!!!!”

“Ha. I went down there but someone got it already. Oh well. It would have been a great engagement gift for my brother in law.” – Ummm, Yes, your brother-in-law would have been blown away!

All this to say, it’s pretty amazing that Erik can leave an original painting in a city that he rarely visits and have it “found” within just a few minutes.

Erik personally congratulated the winners from his Facebook page:

“Congratulations to Eric Brothers who procured the Tom Brady Painting by putting clues together. On twitter he posted that he noticed clue #2 was filmed around Columbus Park near the wharf. He headed to the waterfront with fingers crossed the painting would be hidden near by. Bingo. Great Work Eric. Thanks for following. Thanks for posting.”