January ART DROP

The Nation’s Capitol was host to Erik’s January ART DROP. Unsuspecting tourists to the Lincoln Memorial were thinking “Who is this guy?” as Erik strolled up with his portrait of President Abraham Lincoln. As he always does, he found a vantage point that made for some fun photos.

As usual, plenty of people walked by and checked out the piece before the lucky finder claimed it for themselves. However. this time, the lucky recipient of the Lincoln painting was not one of the fans who were racing from their homes and offices to the famous memorial in order to retrieve their treasure. Nope, not this time. This time, the winner was the Secret Service who surrounded, screened and confiscated the painting. They then delivered it to…… who knows where! Perhaps it’s waiting in the recesses of the nation’s security vaults to be catalogued. Or maybe, just maybe, Lincoln has found his was back to the Oval Office.